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If you would like to make a withdrawal from your account with SVSFX, please click here.


At SVSFX we aim for complete transparency and to keep your costs as low as possible. Below you will find the fees applicable to depositing and withdrawing funds into your SVSFX trading account.

*BACS UK £0/CHAPS UK £15/R.O.W. £15


Bank Transfer - 0%

Credit Cards - 2%

UK Debit Cards - 0%

Skrill - 0%

Neteller - 4.4%

Credit Card / Smartpay - 0%


Bank Transfer - Varies*

Credit Cards - 0%

UK Debit Cards - 0%

Skrill - 0%

Neteller - 2%

Credit Card / Smartpay - $20%


  • Withdrawals must be returned to the same payment method as funding
  • In the event of payment failure to SVSFX by any 3rd party, funds credited may later be recalled from your account
  • Withdrawals cannot leave you with insufficient funds to hold your positions or place you on margin call
  • Your bank card must be in the same name as your SVSFX trading account
  • Maximum single card transaction – 5,000
  • Maximum 30 days of card transactions – 15,000
  • You should be aware of any other charges your card issuer may apply
  • Minimum deposit - $100 or equivalent
  • Minimum withdrawal - $100 or equiv
  • We can no longer offer SEPA payments in EUR, but in order to make up for this, we allow you to make one free withdrawal per month.

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