SVSFX welcomes affiliates from all over the world to help successful traders become clients at SVSFX. An affiliate is defined by their website or other form of client contact. Make use of our marketing materials to maximise your web traffic and hence your income potential by becoming an affiliate partner to us.

We provide you with all the tools and resources you will need to direct prospective clients to us for which we can reward you with an attractive remuneration structure. You can be assured that your clients will be dealing with a well establish company in the City of London which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • Our banners on your affiliate website
  • Referral links to ourselves in Newsletters
  • Landing pages and email marketing
  • Direct your clients to an established FCA broker in the City of London using the world’s most popular trading platforms for FX and CFD’s

White Label Partnerships

SVSFX offers you the opportunity of establishing your brand in the fast growing FX and CFD industry; free from headaches and infrastructure costs. We have truly superior technology; our solutions are easily implemented and completely customizable.

  • Truly cost effective solutions
  • Completely custom built solutions for your brand
  • Simple to implement
  • Advanced technology of the best platforms in the marketplace
  • Interbank liquidity via STP Trading
  • Outstanding execution and clearing services
  • For non-regulated entities, unable to hold client funds, we can offer a dual branded identity to expand your business.


Electronic trading is in high demand at SVSFX. For this audience we offer professional clients the possibility of API integration based upon FIX 4.4 protocol. We have minimum requirements for this highly bespoke solution, so please get in touch

  • Good size top of ‘book’
  • See whole book over VWAP
  • Internal or external fee structure
  • Superfast connections to the world leading data centres here in the UK and elsewhere

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